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Canadia Badlands Passport

Canadian Badlands Summer Passport

Traveling Campaign

Role: concept, editorial design, image editing

Social Media Campaign below

As a fun way to experience more of the Canadian Badlands
I was tasked to create a travelling guide as a visitor passport. With many of the best spots all around the Canadian Badlands I wanted to create the feeling of capturing adventures in a travelling journal. As you go through the pages there's a sense of nostalgia and exploration from the vintage Polaroids to the tape holding everything together. By far my favourite project
I got to work on at nonfiction studios, I had a lot of creative freedom and really enjoyed going all out on this one.

Designed during my internship with nonfiction studios


Canadian Badlands

Canadian Badlands Summer Passport

Social Media Campaign

Role: animation, image editing

Along with the online/printable passport I also created social media ads to promote the use of the passport on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I wanted to keep that sense of adventure so I kept them within the theme of "find your own adventure" and "add to your collection".

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